Expansion Joint - SH514- EJ

Expansion Joint

The forces generated by thermal expansion or contraction can be significant. A device or completion component designed to enable relative movement between two fixed assemblies in the event of thermal expansion or contraction.


  • Expansion joints within the completion assembly prevent any movement or forces being transmitted to fixed components such as packers or tubing hangers.
  • Expansion joints provide a movement balance in pipelines.


  • Uses only non-elastomeric sealing technology
  • Maintains pressure integrity while expanding and contracting
  • Splines allow capability of transmitting torque through the expansion joint
  • Shear pinned capabilities
  • Also available in High Pressure or High Temperature.


  • Customisable and reliable

Technical Specification & Sizes

  • Temperature Rating -30 degree C to 180 degree C
  • Services H2S/CO2/Standard/Sour