Swell Packer Slip on Type - SH515- SPSO

Swell Packer Slip on Type

Slip on swellable packers is a fit-for-purpose modular tool kit that enables operators to install customized swellable packer systems in openhole applications and well construction projects. Installation of the modular swellable elements on standard tubulars is straightforward slide-on installation tool.
This unique slip-on packer retains a full length internal seal against the pipe. Once deployed, the rubber retains its flexibility, allowing the swell packer system to adapt to shifts in the formation over time and to retain the integrity of the seal. Its self-healing properties make this reliable for all zonal isolation applications.


  • Interzonal and point-anomaly (shale, fracture, water) isolation
  • Isolation of fluid contacts
  • Gas- and water-coning management
  • Reservoir compartmentalization, wellbore segmentation
  • Cementing and perforating
  • Isolation, stimulation and/or frac jobs
  • Straddle isolation systems & Isolation at lateral junction or milled window
  • Casing-shoe integrity/sustained casing pressure isolation


  • Fully customizable swellable isolation system enables fit-for-purpose design and operation flexibility.
  • The modular system can be installed on the operator’s base pipe as it is run in the hole, enabling faster run times.
  • No moving parts allows for easy deployment, reducing well construction costs and required rig personnel.
  • Swellable element activates through contact with wellbore fluids, sealing off the annulus enabling reseal capability for the life of the well.
  • Conforming element enables isolation in irregular hole shapes and changing annular geometries.