Quality Control, Assurance & Certifications

At SledgeHammer we consistently bank on policy of “What starts perfect ends perfect” and this has been deeply embedded in our working procedures and processes. The establishing of manufacturing and management practices in adherence to the global macro trends and norms on Quality assurance /Quality Control has been a great achievement for us.

The process of assuring and controlling quality starts at the initial stage of raw material selection and procurement which is both objective and selective and is in synchronization with our business policy. Testing and analyzing various aspects of the material being used in the manufacturing is deemed critical to ensure production of right quality and we make it sure that each process is carried out as per the requirements of quality control norms.

Pre and post production simulation and random testing has been the hallmark and tradition at SledgeHammer .It has helped us to churn out qualitative merchandise and sustained our QA capabilities. The simulation and testing is carried out at various levels i.e. initial stages of manufacture designing with the help of up-to-date ‘Centralizer Placement Software’ ,‘Stand-off Calculation Software’ which is complimented with performance testing as per API RP 10 F recommended testing chapter. Our QC laboratories are fully equipped with the most modern and updated load test equipments (mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic) to critically analyze each aspect of apparatus.

Integrating globally acceptable QC norms into assembly lines is part of larger quality control management and SledgeHammer is cautious in its approach.

Recognitions and certifications awarded to us include

  • API 10D
  • API 5CT
  • ISO 9001
  • Russian Product (GOST)
  • OHSAS 18001
  • ISO14001