Swell Packer Bonded Type - SH516- SPB

Swell Packer Bonded Type

Bonded type swellable packers provide a one-trip, self-setting isolation system designed to activate and seal through the natural contact of in-situ wellbore fluids. Suitable for cased-hole and openhole well environments, bonded swellable packers are easily deployed by integrating them into tubing or casing strings or through conventional well-service operations such as coiled tubing or slickline.
A wide range of configurations are available to suit specific size and well-performance requirements.


  • Interzonal isolation
  • Reservoir compartmentalization/ wellbore segmentation
  • Gas and water coning management
  • Isolation of fluid contacts
  • Straddle isolation systems (shales, fractures, water)
  • Isolation, stimulation and/or frac jobs
  • Plugging and abandonment
  • Isolation of build sections from horizontal pay zones
  • Casing-shoe integrity/sustained casing-pressure isolation
  • Isolation at lateral junction or milled window


  • Absence of moving parts facilitates deployment, reducing well construction costs and required rig personnel.
  • Swellable element activates through contact with wellbore fluids, sealing off the annulus and thus providing reseal capability for the life of the well.
  • Conforming element enables isolation in irregular hole shapes and changing annular geometries.
  • Available with most tubular configurations and thread connections, this versatile packer easily integrates with most well tubular designs.