Entry & Re-Entry Guide - SH501-GS

mule shoe

The “Wireline Entry guide” are used for safe re-entry of wireline tools from the casing into the tubing string. The internal bevel guides the wireline or slick line tool string back into the tubing.
Mule shoe guide is a standard guide for all the of Completion equipments.


  • Safe re-entry of wireline or slickline tools into the tubing string.
  • Lowest component in the tubing string.


  • Rugged one piece construction.
  • Available in low alloy steel and premium materials.
  • Available in bevelled, full or half mule shoe configurations.


  • Reliable and easy to install

Technical Specification & Sizes

  • Thread sizes range from 2 3/8” and onwards
  • Service H2S/CO2/Standard/Sour
  • Material Grades: J-55, N-80, L-80, P-110, 13-CR, 1-CR

Different Types of Guides