Swell Packer High Performance Bonded Type - SH517- SPBHP

Swell Packer High Performance Bonded Type

Bonded type high performance swellable packer is designed for the challenges and rigors of high-performance fracture isolation. This packer’s high-strength elastomers and extrusion-control backup systems achieve high-differential pressure ratings in overgauged hole sizes. The packer can also accommodate downhole temperature changes experienced while pumping fracturing fluids.
The packer provides isolation with shorter and slimmer element designs because of it’s innovative element system.

The shorter elements aid in deployment efficiency and minimize the risks of sticking caused by buildup of excessive rubber drag or while running through high-dogleg well intervals.


  • Interzonal isolation & Isolation of fluid contacts
  • Reservoir compartmentalization/ wellbore segmentation
  • Gas and water coning management
  • Straddle isolation systems (shales, fractures, water)
  • Isolation, stimulation and/or frac jobs
  • Plugging and abandonment
  • Isolation of build sections from horizontal pay zones
  • Casing-shoe integrity/sustained casing-pressure isolation
  • Isolation at lateral junction or milled window


  • Absence of moving parts facilitates deployment, reducing well construction costs and required rig personnel.
  • Swellable element activates through contact with wellbore fluids, sealing off the annulus and thus providing reseal capability for the life of the well.
  • Conforming element enables isolation in irregular hole shapes and changing annular geometries.