Shear Sub - SH511- SHS

shear sub

Shear sub is a shear joint designed for installation below the packer assembly and above the well screens.
The shear sub provides a pre-determined shear value that enables easy retrieval of the packer, while leaving the screen in place.
The shear value of the sub is readily verifiable and adjustable in the field.
During work over operations, having a shear sub in place eliminates the need to run electric line for cutting blank pipe below the packer.

The shear sub is designed and constructed so that torque is transmitted through the bottom hole assembly (BHA), enabling rotation of the screens during deployment.
In fishing operations, when the shear sub is parted, the OD of the portion remaining in the well is of similar diameter with the thread OD of the original pipe string, ensuring the remaining sub does not impede fishing attempts or running a wash-pipe over the screen setting.


  • Gravel-pack completions
  • Stand-alone-screen installations
  • Workover and fishing operations


  • The adjustable shear rating of the shear sub permits the operator to choose a shear value that matches the well conditions or rig capabilities, reducing the need for expensive fishing tools or more powerful rigs.
  • The shear sub transmit torque through the BHA, enabling rotation of the screens during deployment. This feature decreases the difficulty of getting over liner tops or stinging into sump packers.
  • A properly selected shear sub facilitates the fishing of the screen assembly, as over shots and wash-pipe will pass over the bottom sub. The use of this sub can minimize rig time and fishing costs.
  • The shear sub is available in both short- and long-stroke versions. In some operational environments, the likelihood of shearing the device during treatments increases. Having a longer sealing stroke provides more assurance of keeping seals in contact in the event of prematurely shearing the sub, preventing pumping sand inside the screen or having an unwanted flow path


  • Customisable and reliable

Technical Specification & Sizes

  • Various sizes, different threading & different materials are available. OD will vary with tubing weight and thread type.