Open Hole Hydraulic Set Packer - SH518- OHP

Open Hole Hydraulic Set Packer

Open hole Packer provides mechanical isolation where high-pressure differentials are required across the packer element. The Open hole packer’s conventional compression set element sets with the application of differential pressure in excess of the anti-preset shear value.
The Open hole packer is designed to set by applying pressure at the surface to create sufficient differential pressure across the packer. A plugging device is required below the packer so that tubing pressure can be applied to set the packer.

Suitable plugging devices include, but are not restricted to, a pump-out plug, KLC (Locking Ball Landing Collar) ball seat, horizontal ball seat, or a wireline blanking plug seated in the proper landing nipple.


  • Multizone open hole completions for interzonal isolation
  • High pressure, high temperature stimulation operations
  • Horizontal wells
  • Completion of underbalanced wells or wells that have losses


  • An anti-pre set feature locks the setting device during deployment to ensure that the packer cannot set prematurely.
  • The compression-set element of the packer provides instant isolation and pressure integrity, which improves operational efficiency.
  • The high-pressure high-temperature design withstands pressures up to 10,000 psi (103.4 Mpa) at 300 degree Fahrenheit in stimulation treatments, which maximizes the effectiveness of the stimulation.