Locators - SH512- PL


Locator is used for the location of various wireline flow control devices in the production string. This locator contain a no-go shoulder used to locate and set the flow control device being run into the well.
The location and number of Top No-Go Seating Locator should be carefully considered in the completion planning stages to allow maximum versatility in the positioning of various flow control devices
Bottom no-go locator is used to land, lock with attached flow control devices in the production tubing string


  • Single and dual Completions


  • No Lock Recess & Dependable no-go style
  • Thread choice available & Complies with API 5CT


  • Maximum reliability and simplicity of locating

Technical Specification & Sizes

  • Various sizes, different threading & different materials are available. OD will vary with tubing weight and thread type.

Different Types of Locator

  • Different types of Locator are available e.g. No-Go Locator, Straight Slot Locator, J-Slot Locator, Latch Locator as per specific applications.

Different Types of Locator