O-ring Seal Sub - SH510- OSS

o-ring seal sub

This is a completion accessory that facilitates completion and gravel pack operations by providing pressure and fluid sealing at selected point in completion assembly.
The O-ring sub is a simple short tubing sub with elastomeric sealing for the polished stinger used on the inner string.
During sand control operations, these accessories direct fluid flow to assist with effective fluid or gravel movement.

They can be placed at the bottom of the screen assembly.
This ensures treatment fluids are pumped all the way to the end or bottom of the production screens to promote complete screen covering with gravel


  • Completion operation
  • Gravel pack operation


  • Available in a variety of lengths and sealing ID to add flexibility to gravel pack operations and promote sand control completion productivity.
  • Manufactured from material that comply with NACE standard for sulphide stress cracking resistance metallic materials


  • Customisable and reliable

Technical Specification & Sizes

  • Various sizes, different threading & different materials are available. OD will vary with tubing weight and thread type.