Cable Wall Cleaner - SC07

Cable Wall Cleaner

The reciprocating cable wall is a slip-on cleaner with an internal locking device available in different sizes starting from 41/2” to 20”. The overlapping high-alloy cable is interlaced with a full 360 degrees around the band. The cable wall cleaner is locked into the casing and does not require the use of stop collars. There is also a continuous interlocking and overlapping loop made of tempered steel wire cable which is laced into the hinged collars.

The bold holds the wipers in place and eliminates the need for stop collars. The Cable Wall Cleaner comes with a solid band styles and with a hinged design to use it on casing and tubing. This also takes away excess wall cake to improve the cement formation bonding by producing a wiping action during running and reciprocation.

The product is available in all sizes ranging from 4 ½“ to 20”.