Steel Twin Blade Rotating Centralizer - DSR02

Steel Twin Blade Rotating Centralizer

Sledge Hammer's Steel Twin Blade Rotating centralizers are unique special purpose centralizers because of its design. The Full 360-degree radius fins provide a long lead-in on the fins. This is ideal for running casing in unusually irregular well bores, for guiding the casing and providing the maximum flexibility for the casing string. The 45 degree angled fins create a radial swirling fluid motion when the fluid being pumped.

Therefore radial motion eliminates channeling, it pick up well solids from the low side, get the mud out, and put the cement in. This feature provides excellent circumference standoff from the wellbore. The vanes are tapered at the top and bottom which decreases drag during running into the casing or well bore.

These centralizers are not fixed to the casing. Its rotates up and down by the use of Stop Collar. Its some how works like a bearing and greatly reduce the torque which is necessary to rotate the casing. Its outer dia is always lesser by 1/4" or 6 mm from wellbore.

SledgeHammer's Steel Twin Blade Rotating centralizers are constructed of one-piece high strength Alloy Steel or Stainless Steel. Centralizers are available in standard length only. These Centralizer are High graded castings followed with surface finishing on CNC Lathe, then rigid inspection ensure a quality product. All Centralizers are stove painted or coated with polyester powder.

They are available in all sizes ranging from 3 1/2" to 20" for any hole combinations.